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Bietry Musique
Agreed center C. Bechstein
Bietry Musique
Agreed center C. Bechstein

Our conditions


From the free delivery to the recovery of your piano at the purchase price , Bietry Music is with you. You will benefit from a series of services which will give you, among other things, the guarantee of being able to easily evolve within the range .

A guarantee of 10 years

Your acoustic piano is guaranteed for 10 years parts and labor.

A purchase price exchange contract

If you change the piano for a higher model, we will buy your piano back from you at the purchase price , for 10 years for an acoustic piano.

Payment facilities

Your instrument is sold at the best price, with possibility of financing after acceptance of your file by the credit organization.

The recovery of your instrument

We will give you the best offer for the trade-in of your old piano.

A bench offered

We offer you a bench to match your acoustic piano.