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Bietry Musique
Agreed center C. Bechstein
Bietry Musique
Agreed center C. Bechstein

Find yout piano

• You are looking for...
 Upright piano
 Grand Piano
 Portable digital piano
 Digital piano
• Only if he is...
 Second hand
• Available in...
• Price...
 Less of 2.000€
 2.000€ - 3.999€
 4.000€ - 6.999€
 7.000€ - 10.000€
 More than 10.000€
• My favorite brands...
 Casio Hyundai
 Kawai Maeari
 Rameau Schimmel
 W. Hoffmann Yamaha
 Young Chang
 W. Hoffmann
 Young Chang
• With this finishes :
 Glossy black
 Glossy white
 Matt black
 Glossy red
 Black walnut
 Black and gray
 Black and red
 Silver black
 White silver
 Ivory white
 Cuban Mahogany
 Satin walnut
 Dappled mahogany
 Mahogany and ash
 Light Ash
 Glossy Mahogany
 American walnut
 Walnut burl
 Satin black ash
 Matt white
 Matt white
 Pecan walnut
• Silent system ?

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